Trading Competition and Product Development Updates

2 min readDec 8, 2022

The year is winding down but growth and development has not slowed within the Increment ecosystem. We’re excited to finish the year strong and prepare the protocol for a secure and accessible mainnet launch in 2023. At the time of writing, we are in the midst of an exciting trading tournament on Increment with over 600 active traders participating. Let’s recap some of the highlights from the competition and the latest product developments.

Battle Royale Trading Tournament

After a few weeks of anticipation, we finally launched the Battle Royale trading tournament in November! The tournament is currently in its second week of trading and here is a look at the current top 10 leaders in the rankings:

Big shoutout to all traders for participating, we appreciate all your feedback which has been tremendously helpful in improving the UX of the platform! For more sophisticated traders and researchers, we will open source our code and in depth documentation as we get closer to mainnet. It is understandably harder to make trading decisions without grasping how the system functions underneath the hood.

Looking forward to seeing who will end up taking home the Elite Profitmaxi roles as well as the $500, $300, $100 prizes at the end of the competition on December 16th.

Product Development Updates

With the help of Tenderly on Goerli, the engineering team had easy access to transaction simulations and debugging tools that made it very easy to locate and fix issues. Be on the lookout for a new design on the positions panel in coming weeks.

💻 Front-end

  • Troubleshooting UI/UX design and data accuracy during the trading competition
  • Developing new position panel design
  • Optimizing data display consistency with contracts

📑 Smart Contracts

  • Optimizing SDK and liquidation bot
  • Testing zkSync deployment and refactoring code
  • Improving documentation
  • Monitoring transactions during trading competition

Increment is a decentralized, algorithmic perpetual swaps protocol building on zkSync 2.0, featuring automatically concentrated liquidity, dynamic fees and parametrizable pools.

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A decentralized, algorithmic perpetual swaps protocol on zkSync Era, featuring automatically concentrated liquidity, dynamic fees and parametrizable pools.